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Plea bargain deals

An arrest for a serious crime could leave a defendant looking at multiple felony and misdemeanor counts. The defendant might worry about a conviction and subsequent harsh sentencing in a Mississippi courtroom when the evidence is compelling. In such situations, the...

DUI arrests in Mississippi

National and local awareness campaigns could dissuade some from driving under the influence. However, many people will continue to drink and drive, leading to accidents. By September of 2022, Mississippi reported a significant increase in DWI arrests while decreasing...

Miranda rights after an arrest

If you're stopped by an officer in Mississippi and placed under arrest, there are certain rights that you have according to the law. These are your Miranda rights and must be read in the event that an officer deprives you of any type of freedom or you are under the...

Securities fraud: What to know

The world of securities is one of the most tightly regulated economic sectors in cities such as Jackson, Mississippi. Companies and traders have to be incredibly careful with the sharing of information and the use of that information in their financial lives. They...