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Jackson Expungement Lawyer

Sometimes an arrest does not result in criminal charges, or charges do not lead to a conviction. Yet that arrest record may still come back to haunt you on job applications and in other circumstances.

A legal process called expungement seals or erases old records so that they do not resurface to embarrass you or hold you back. Most misdemeanor crimes and even some felonies can be expunged. Jackson criminal law attorney Brent M. Brumley can determine if you are eligible to put a regrettable incident behind you.

Madison County Criminal Record Expungement Attorney

Our criminal defense law firm assists residents of the State of Mississippi area and Central Mississippi in this complex area of the law. You have a right to expungement if:

  • You were arrested but never charged.
  • Your case was dismissed by the prosecutor or the judge.
  • Your case was nonadjudicated (resolved without a conviction).
  • You were found not guilty in a trial.

If you pled guilty or were found guilty, your arrest records and conviction can be expunged only with court approval.

If you qualify for expungement, the arrest records and all records of court proceedings are sealed from public view. They will not show up in a background search, and you will be able to state on a job application that you were never arrested (for that offense).

Currently, traffic violations and DUI arrests cannot be expunged. In July 2014, certain DUI cases will become expungeable. A first offense DUI (drunk driving) can be stricken if the case was dismissed or you were acquitted. Do you have a past drunk driving arrest?

What Happened In The Past Stays In The Past

Expungement should be handled by a lawyer to make sure that it is filed properly with the court and that all records are sealed or scratched. We offer a free, confidential consultation. Call Jackson expungement attorney Brent M. Brumley at 601-208-0137 or 800-896-4994 or contact us online.

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