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Jackson Assault Lawyer

With the threat of jail or prison, you may feel boxed in. The police and prosecutor will certainly try to convince you that your situation is hopeless and you should confess.

If you are accused of a crime of violence, the law firm of Brent M. Brumley, Attorney at Law, can intervene to protect your rights. We know that the prosecution does not have an airtight case and that there are two sides to the story. Our lawyer can negotiate on your behalf or make the prosecution prove the allegations at trial.

Our Jackson criminal law attorney handles assault and other violent crimes in the State of Mississippi area and Central Mississippi. Contact us immediately, no matter what the charges or what the circumstances.

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Assault And Crimes Against The Person

Criminal defense lawyer Brent M. Brumley has successfully defended clients accused of state or federal “crimes against the person,” including:

  • Aggravated assault
  • Felony domestic violence
  • Robbery
  • Burglary/home invasion
  • Rape
  • Murder and manslaughter

While law enforcement and the district attorney may be pressuring the accused for a statement or pushing a plea deal, we slow things down to look at the bigger picture. Through the formal discovery process, we will find out what physical and circumstantial evidence the prosecution has. Only then can we explore the range of options, including fighting the accusations in a jury trial.

We consider all possible defenses, such as self-defense, provocation, mistaken identity and alibis. We examine all the evidence and procedures, including ballistics testing, fingerprints and forensics, chain of custody, validity of searches and warrants, credibility of witnesses, conflicting statements of the victim, and so on. With you, the client, we then decide the best course of action, including entertaining a plea recommendation from the D.A.

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Our goal is to avoid prison and a felony conviction if at all possible and to minimize the impact on your future. draws on 30 years of criminal defense experience to fight for your freedom. For a free, confidential consultation with an experienced Jackson assault defense attorney, call us day or night at 601-208-0137 or 800-896-4994 or contact us online.

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