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Voting machine hacking is now a federal crime

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2020 | Uncategorized |

There are few topics more discussed in the United States than the election. And one of the most important issues is election interference. While much of the discussion is about interference from outside the nation, the truth is that internal interference could very well be the greatest threat. Electronic voting machines are just like any other computers, and it is entirely possible that entrance codes could be compromised by nefarious actors. With this possible scenario, the U.S. Congress has taken a significant step toward combating the issue that will interest Mississippi residents.

A new law

President Trump has now signed the Defending the Integrity of Voting Systems Act after it was passed by Congress, designating all tampering with electronic voting machines as federal crimes. Any entity caught tampering with the election system with respect to electronic voting machines will face federal felony charges.

A history of interfering with the election

Much of the feared and anticipated interference in the current 2020 election stems from problems associated with the 2016 campaign when it was suspected that some foreign countries were attempting to influence the final outcome of the presidential election. Both chambers of Congress want to quell that potential problem this time around, and upgrading the level of criminal charge for those caught was the final decision of Congress in approaching election integrity assurance.

Federal crimes are much more serious legal matters than state-level charges, and those accused of violating the law under the new legislation will find case settlements are more difficult in the current political climate. Those charged will need legal representation from aggressive federal crimes attorneys who understand how to build as much reasonable doubt as possible when any charges are prosecuted.