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Identity theft convictions show no signs of slowing down

On Behalf of | Jul 12, 2021 | Uncategorized |

Identity theft costs consumers billions of dollars every year, and there are large costs associated with identity theft. Thieves target consumers in several ways, and it may result in identify theft charges placed against you. In some cases, you may need to defend yourself against an accusation of identity theft. If you’re convicted of stealing someone’s identity, it’s critical you understand your legal rights. Committing identity theft is a felony offense in Mississippi, and you need to take action to protect yourself whether you unknowingly or knowingly committed an offense.

Understanding the types of identity theft

Identity theft is one of many federal crimes that can dramatically impact your life. Account Takeover Fraud occurs when a thief gains access to an account and posts fraudulent charges. If you have been accused of this kind of crime, getting the proper legal counsel gives you a better chance of avoiding severe penalties.

Identity theft can happen to anyone, and in some instances, you could be accused of a crime unfairly. If you lose your wallet, your driver’s license can be used in all kinds of nefarious ways. A thief could potentially use it for an illegal act, which could then result in a warrant for your arrest. There are many ways that you can get charged with stealing someone’s identity.

There are harsh penalties for an identity theft conviction, including prison time, fines and years of probation.

Getting your life back after an identity theft charge

When you have been accused of stealing the identity of another individual, you can take steps to help mitigate the damage. Gaining an education on your legal rights can help you avoid more serious consequences and stay calmer during legal proceedings.