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How a DUI conviction impacts a career

On Behalf of | Feb 4, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Being charged with DUI in Mississippi is not necessarily a major issue for some people; other than the payment of fines and enduring the increases in insurance premiums, some individuals can get on with their lives without an employment interruption. However, that is not the case for certain worker. Commercial truck drivers are the first class of workers that come to mind, but there are also other people who suffer significant consequences after being convicted of impaired driving. In addition, those seeking employment of any type may have difficulties when a background check is conducted.

Commercial drivers

Due to the fact that many employers could be exposed to vicarious liability when an employee is involved in an accident while under the influence, many companies will not hire workers with DUI convictions who must drive as part of their job responsibilities. This especially applies to manufacturers and producers that deliver their own wares with an internal rolling fleet. Not only is the driver who receives a DUI at fault, but the company may be required to pay any extended damages.

Police officers

Police officers who are convicted of driving under the influence face a particular problem that others may not as they are held to a higher standard than most employees who are required to drive. Even a charge for DUI can be an issue for a law enforcement officer.

Other drivers

There are also certain occupations that are structured using contracted transportation workers who are required to drive in performing their job responsibilities. Prime examples include taxi operators, food delivery personnel and various carriers. This is becoming an even more popular form of employment, and a DUI can spell trouble for anyone seeking these positions.