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Telemarketing Fraud Tactics

On Behalf of | Aug 18, 2022 | Criminal Law, Federal Crimes |

Federal crimes in Mississippi cost people time and money. Telemarketing fraud is using deception over the telephone with the intent to steal identities and resources from the target. The government takes these crimes seriously and the penalties are stiff. If you’re charged with a federal crime seeking professional counsel is essential.

Federal crimes including larceny especially in cases of elderly victims draw tougher penalties and restitution. Anyone charged with a crime is innocent until proven guilty. Fighting these charges require trained legal skills, experience in criminal justice and effective representation.

Telemarketing fraud

A phone call promising something for something like giving money to get money are potential elements of telephone fraud. The caller is hoping to lure the receiver into believing for a large pile of cash like a lottery or other game of chance in exchange for their identity, Social Security number or cash.

The Federal Trade Commission examines these claims for validity before pressing charges. If you receive notice that you’re a defendant against such claims then swift, smart action is the key to your defense.

These deceptive practices cost people their life savings many times without recouping any losses. Telemarketing fraud is among the most challenging federal crimes because of the victim’s participation and the scammer’s deceptive skills.

Telemarketing jobs are ideal settings for employees to be set up to take the fall for telephone scams. If you’re an employee of a telemarketing company and have experienced this situation in the course of your duties, you’re not alone, you have rights.

Federal Crimes Protections

The justice system is complex. Understanding your right to fair and impartial treatment under the law will ensure your voice is heard.