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DUI arrests in Mississippi

On Behalf of | Oct 12, 2022 | Drunk Driving |

National and local awareness campaigns could dissuade some from driving under the influence. However, many people will continue to drink and drive, leading to accidents. By September of 2022, Mississippi reported a significant increase in DWI arrests while decreasing fatal crash numbers.

Reduced drunk driving fatalities

As of fall 2022, drunk driving fatalities decreased by 50% from 2021, and DUI soared by 45% in comparison. Many sources reported traffic increased significantly in 2021 from 2020. Increased law enforcement actions in 2022 might serve as a response to troubles on roads the previous year.

Drunk drivers suffer from several impairments when operating a vehicle, such as cognition and reaction problems. These impairments could lead drunk drivers to cause accidents or be unable to avoid one. An intoxicated driver would likely lose defensive driving skills that could become helpful when dealing with another reckless driver on the road.

The 2022 arrests may include numerous repeat offenders. Anyone with past DUI convictions might look at more severe penalties than the ones first-time offenders face.

Legal issues after a DUI

If the police wish to crack down on drunk driving, they might become more suspicious of commuters. The police may overstate claims that the driver swerved or otherwise behaved erratically.

Such behavior may reflect a lack of probable cause. A case based on an arrest lacking probable cause could face dismissal. Similarly, any police who makes a mistake during the sobriety test or when calibrating a breathalyzer might make an improper arrest.

A legitimately intoxicated driver could cause an accident, leading to several serious charges. The driver may consider a plea bargain to potentially avoid the harshest penalties. Those who do not cause accidents but face credible charges might also plea bargain or ask for lenient sentencing.