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What is wire fraud and how can a person be charged with it?

On Behalf of | Apr 17, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Any Mississippi resident would naturally feel fearful when facing federal charges of any kind. Wire fraud is a common federal offense that should be taken seriously.

What is wire fraud?

Wire fraud is a serious crime charged at the federal level. The crime is committed through the use of electronic communication that might include any type of device, such as a phone, computer, TV or radio.

When a person uses electronic means to communicate to others while deliberately deceiving them with the intention of defrauding them of money, they could be charged with wire fraud. Often, the crime is committed through telecommunications or online. It’s a common offense that is widespread throughout the country, which is why it’s considered a federal crime. In other words, the perpetrator could be located in Mississippi while a victim could be all the way across the country.

In order to prove wire fraud, certain elements must be in place. Those elements include the following:

  • The person carried out a scheme to commit fraud.
  • That fraud was committed specifically so that the person could gain money.
  • The person used electronic means to communicate the fraud.

What are some common forms of wire fraud scams?

There are many different forms that wire fraud scams can take. One of the most common is a simple telemarketing scam. A person has access to a phone and pretends to be a telemarketer who calls people to try to get them to buy something or tells them that they won a prize or sweepstakes. If the other person falls for the scheme, they might give the criminal their personal or financial information over the phone. This results in sensitive data and money lost and stolen from the victim.

Phishing is another common example of wire fraud. It’s carried out through fraudulent emails that often include a rogue link or attachment. If you’re facing wire fraud charges, take them seriously and protect your rights.