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Facing criminal charges? Digital evidence can be your ally

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2024 | Criminal Law |

Prosecutors are always interested in ways to ensure those who break the law pay for their alleged crimes. These days, digital data often plays a critical role in securing a conviction. For example, a video can place a defendant at the scene of a crime, dispelling any doubts a judge or jury may have about their guilt.

Why not turn the tables and leverage technology and digital evidence on your behalf to secure a much more favorable outcome? Here are three examples of digital evidence that could strengthen your defense.

Social media evidence

You may be surprised to learn that your online activity can aid your defense, especially if you are a frequent user. For instance, time- and location-stamped status updates or messages could contradict the prosecution’s narrative of your involvement.

Cellphone data

Say the prosecution claims to have evidence that you were at the scene when a crime occurred. A thorough forensic examination of data on your cellphone could help to prove otherwise. A proper analysis may demonstrate that you were somewhere else, even if it was in the general vicinity.

Security camera footage

Another way to cast doubt on the prosecutor’s narrative is to show that it could not have happened that way. Footage from security cameras and other devices could provide a more detailed picture of the events. For example, it could show you left the area before the crime occurred.

Never assume you lack options when facing criminal charges — especially severe offenses like robbery or assault. With skilled legal guidance, you may have a better chance of beating the charges than you believed.