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Do DUIs affect your insurance premiums?

On Behalf of | Apr 13, 2024 | Drunk Driving |

Vehicle insurance can feel like an unwelcome cost each time your renewal comes around. It’s one of those expenses you may resent having to pay. However, people are always grateful that they have it if they’re involved in a collision.

A driving under the influence (DUI) conviction will be another unwelcome expense — and potentially a very large one. On top of the various fines and other costs, it will push your insurance premiums even higher, which could be a major problem if you are already struggling to pay them.

How much will the premium rise?

Insurance premium increases after a DUI can vary significantly from state to state. A survey by MoneyGeek found that the average rise for fully comprehensive coverage in Mississippi was 76%. That’s for the first DUI. If you have a further drunk driving conviction, the premium will increase again. It may also rise for other driving-related convictions or if there were aggravating circumstances to your DUI.

However, Forbes reports different results – putting the average insurance increase in Mississippi at 62% after a first DUI. Either way, if convicted, you will need to come up with a significant additional amount just to keep your coverage.

Contesting a DUI gives you the best chance of keeping the costs down

Fighting a DUI charge won’t be free if you want experienced legal guidance to have the best possible chance of success. However, when you consider that a conviction would result in increased insurance premiums for years to come, as well as other costs and consequences, it could be money that’s well spent.